Acupuncture Treatment of Phobias – Does it make sense?

Many people find it very hard to believe that some of acupuncture consider that to be able to help treat phobias. This article examines whether there is a sense of acupuncture phobias. First, let & # 39; and compare the difference between a phobia and fear.

phobia Definition
Transfer from the Greek word Ph oacute; bos, which means a fall or fear or morbid fear, phobia and other anxiety disorders within the competence of fear. A phobia is irrational fear, is defined as:

"manifestation of the intense fear of specific objects and situations, which produces the reality of minimal or no threat."

Fear Definition
Fear on the other hand is built into the natural survival response, and is connected to the fight or flight response. All people and animals have this instinct, and this is crucial when dealing with the potential threat. This can help to escape or fight the danger that exists in our reality.

The brain plays a major role
So the fear is based in reality, and the phobia is based on only a man & # 39; s perception. There are plenty of phobias, which are spread among many people, and there are also a variety of genres phobias. Phobias can be social or individual. Yet like other types of anxiety and fear, we know that in many parts of a person & # 39; s of the brain that plays a key role in the production of phobias, anxieties and fears.

Scientists study this starring role in order to understand how phobias and concerns created by the brain, so that they can be treated, as well as learning, while the new generation of human cells & # 39; s life. It can make it possible to encourage the growth of new neurons in people with certain conditions such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

part of

phobias and amygdala in the limbic system, the amygdala almond-shaped and deep in the brain. It is thought to process and interpret incoming signals, triggering anxiety and fear responses in the brain and other stores emotional memories. It is currently believed to play a role in this phobias, such as spiders and flying.

Hippocampus and phobias
This is the hippocampus, which is the task of encoding memories threatening events. Some studies have shown that the size of the hippocampus is smaller in those who served in combat violence and victims of child abuse.

Acupuncture and brain
Because the brain plays a big role in the creation of phobias and other anxiety disorders, if acupuncture can not treat this phobia how the brain will have any real impact?

Acupuncture can handle the brain, such as brain-related acupuncture points found in the human body. In other words, without taking any medication, acupuncture stimulate the reaction of the brain areas involved in the healing process to begin.

We believe that acupuncture has a positive effect on brain chemistry. At the start of a treatment, the needles stimulate the local blood flow, which is the effect of knocking the growth of both the nutrients and immune cells. Endorphins released during acupuncture.

Treatment will generally strengthen the nervous system and the immune system and endocrine system. It brings back the whole system more balanced and healthier state.

Experienced qualified naturopath time to assess patients in a row, it will consider other acupuncture points on the needle during the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and diagnostic tools that period. The root cause of the phobia, as well as any other knock on effects will be handled.

Source by Jackie A De Burca

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