agoraphobia and social phobia – What & # 39; s the difference?

What & # 39; the difference between agoraphobia and social phobia?

This is a question every time. It & # 39; and because the two disorders are some similarities that make them difficult to distinguish from each other. For example, both the agoraphobic and social phobic fear of being in public places. Both develop a similar pattern avoidance behavior. Panic and anxiety associated with both experience similar symptoms. And since they are considered as phobias, both conditions can be treated with a program of cognitive behavioral therapy successfully.

So what is the difference between these two conditions? How to distinguish them?

The main difference between agoraphobia and social phobia can be found in nature in order to avoid causing fear behavior. People are afraid of social phobia social settings that involve groups of people or crowds.

The fears of social phobia among people with or interactions with other people. For example, a person would feel safe walking alone social phobia in the forest on a secluded beach.

Agoraphobia, on the other hand, fear of open and public spaces, the presence or absence of other people. People agoraphobia usually avoid large crowds or social situations for fear of having a panic attack and embarrassing themselves.

But people with agoraphobia, unlike social phobia, you are afraid to walk alone in the woods or on a secluded beach, it would be no one around, to help if you had a panic attack or medical emergency.

But the good news is you can completely recover from agoraphobia.

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