Rare Phobias: Feet phobia – Fear of barefoot

You are a man like that shoe nervously enters business? Can`t you nude look, or feel, the sound of you or someone else`s foot? If the answer to such a question may be a `yes` to suffer from foot phobia, also known as podophobia.

Feet one of the rarest phobia of phobias, as only 1 in 1,000 people have it. However, it can affect the way of life in many surprising ways without this phobia that is not taken into account.

just to mention a fear can prevent unusual that a swimming pool, a gym practicing, buying shoes, or wearing slippers are a few examples. Foot phobia can be quite harmless, a bit annoying and sometimes frustrating. However, this can cause life limitations. It is therefore important to assess carefully how much does it affect you or someone else & # 39; s daily life.

What exactly is a phobia feet (or podophobia)?

Feet phobia like any other phobia is irrational, inexplicable fear. People suffering from Podophobia feel very nervous, afraid, angry, or even disgusted feet in general. Podophobia The exact cause is not yet fully understood. Symptoms include overwhelming anxiety, sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, breathing difficulty and desire to run away when he saw, or thought feet. Some people experience panic attacks and feelings very uncomfortable when confronted with the foot. Of course, a person & # 39; s symptoms may vary and / or higher than the other. This fear can make some feel uncomfortable or irritated. Other people can get so intense that it interferes with normal life.

The fear may be related to a person`s own or someone else`s foot. The phobia sufferers usually do not like the look of your or someone else & # 39; s feet, or feel feet to see how his leg that gross and ugly. This person will also feel uncomfortable when other people watching or touching his feet. He will even sleep socks or shoes, and do not even consider buying or wearing open-toed shoes or sandals of any kind. He also hate the smell of feet and while thinking to imagine contracting fungal infections of the foot type or a wart, which is even worse. The discomfort can be displayed while discussing issues related to the foot or leg. A phobia sufferer to avoid watching any TV documentary foot or commercials on TV. One of my friends who are suffering from the phobia feet to prevent a rule introduced by the discomfort in his house. You have to wear shoes in the house. If very dirty shoes allow you to wear socks or a pair of his own shoes. He won`t even let his girlfriend reached a leg or her socks off to him.

When to seek help heal leg phobia?
Most of the fears and phobias, including fear and phobia legs are not serious, especially if they do not significantly interfere with normal daily life. But if the result phobia legs to avoid the regular prevents work or enjoying the life we ​​should consider, seek medical advice. Regardless of how long you have suffered, despite the limitations of unpleasant life has endured because of fear, fear, legs Overcome.

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