Fear of parasites – not a common phobia

Many individuals there is the fear. You also think the fear is? He said there is a fear of parasites? Did you know that it is a "rare disease" that was recorded by the Office of Rare Diseases? This means that this phobia affects up to two hundred thousand people in the United States. As we continue, we will talk about in this article is the fear of being developed.

This is not a big phobias, like spiders, but nevertheless still fear that a lot of deals. Did you know that some people feel like they've beetles live under your skin? It & # 39; s right to feel as if you have been infected with parasites, even if you do not have them. You see, & # 39; It s all about the brain. The human mind makes us think that there is something, even if you do not know.

How do you know if it is or not? Well, you will if you are really parasites under the skin, see a doctor. During this time, the doctor will take a sample of your skin. If you do not find any skin changes (or parasites), they will be sent to the psycho-dermatologist. It is also looking for help with the issue by visiting a psychiatrist.

I know that when you give your brain messages, it is difficult to understand that these are the wrong ones. If you do not experience the fear of parasites, it is recommended that a psychiatrist for help. One of the most common form of treatment would be in this case the drug. Your doctor will decide if you and determine what works best for you.

Source by Trevor Johnson

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